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Refer a friend

INVESTING SOLUTIONS highly values and rewards its clients' loyalty and ongoing relationship, hoping to grow together.

We have therefore launched a commission program in order to show our gratitude to our clients and reward them for any additional business they bring with them.

The referral commission varies depending on the size of the initial deposit of the referred client and paid from company's money and not from the deposit amount it self.

Referral program for investors

If you want to get lower performance fee or a discount over your actual investment, then you can recommend our trading systems to your friends. We don't pay rebates for the accounts of the referred clients.


  • The investment of the referred friend has to be at least of 1000$.
  • If you bring only one referred friend that his investment reach 10k then you'll get the maximum discount of 5% on both options (discount on deposit amount or performance fee), if It's more than 2 friends you get 10% discount on one of the two – deposit minimum amount or performance fee.

All your friends can benefit from registering in our website by having a discount on performance fee or minimum investment amount. You'll receive notification email for each new registered friend that register with your referral.

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