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Protected account

Many services "can talk the talk but can't walk the walk", promising high profits and ending up with blowing your account to the wind.

Some of our managed account services offer full protection against loss on the first 30 days of trading, money back guaranteed policy apply!

We trade for you on Forex, commodities and indices for 30 days without the chance of losing! Everything we profit is yours, but your losses are on us.

Its real money and real profits without the risk of losing. Protected account is one of the most impressive features offered by INVESTING SOLUTIONS.

This unique service provides traders with an opportunity to experiment verity of preferred strategies on an award winning trading platform- the MetaTrader 4.

Earn while you lean to do it yourself and do it with 100% risk free, 100% beneficial and 100% live- all the profits are yours, all the losses are ours.


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